We believe there are five strategic roads to success:
Business Goals into Process Management
  • Analyze business operations
  • build business model
  • enhance presentation
  • automate key operations
Customer Acquisition
  • Create strong organization identity
  • project expertise
  • strong branding
  • use Animarca(SM) Marketing System
User-Customer Relations
  • Interact with Users
  • Multi-level Feedback
  • justify their loyalty
  • mailings, invitations, campaigns
  • using Animated Mascots
Web Management
  • Strong and innovative Web presence
  • Professional and cost-effective Web management
  • outsourcing Web support
  • database programming
  • regularly have technology upgrades
Enhancements and Innovations
  • Java, .NET, CORBA
  • Flash and video content
  • Onpage user interaction
  • Layers and embedded content
Web Management - Part III

New Website

New Website
Effective Web presence means and requires more than "just a website" - it requires a distinct web identity and tremendous exposure.
VFX Systems helps companies, artists, performers create and maintain such distinct and worthwhile Web presence.

Website architecture
Intense visual impact, useful and cost-effective functionalities, modern methods and technologies are blended to install you on the Web and justify your being there.
Simple where appropriated, sophisticated where needed, fully integrated with other application and service providers - this can be your Web site.
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Our first target theme was The Beauty of Nature, now we are expanding into a variety.
We are planning for a full opening in mid July, this year.