We believe there are five strategic roads to success:
Business Goals into Process Management
  • Analyze business operations
  • build business model
  • enhance presentation
  • automate key operations
Customer Acquisition
  • Create strong organization identity
  • project expertise
  • strong branding
  • use Animarca(SM) Marketing System
User-Customer Relations
  • Interact with Users
  • Multi-level Feedback
  • justify their loyalty
  • mailings, invitations, campaigns
  • using Animated Mascots
Web Management
  • Strong and innovative Web presence
  • Professional and cost-effective Web management
  • outsourcing Web support
  • database programming
  • regularly have technology upgrades
Enhancements and Innovations
  • Java, .NET, CORBA
  • Flash and video content
  • Onpage user interaction
  • Layers and embedded content
Web Management - Part II

Web Site Maintenance

is the one of best optios to have a fresh information reflecting
new data
new business offerings
price or terms change
sale announcemnts
upcoming specials
Your website is kept up-to-date.
Content editing can be accomplished with updated information.
Full content management
Full database management

Monthly fee - none
Maintenance work - $25/unit-of-work
Minimum monthly charge - $100
Creative work, development, enhancements - per separate schedule. Make an inquiry /Dollar sign '$' stands for USD/

no stagnant web pages
Modern web technology gives plenty of methods to make your web presence dynamic, updatable and interactive.
Do not settle for a stack of HTML pages which remain the same from day to day.

Expand your audience
You can rent a place at Gigawebs Information Center (GIC) where you can regularly submit your news, updates, special events.
Whether you have a new promotion, upcoming sale, new stock arrivals - let people know about them.
Our Support Service will run your updates into production within 36 to 72 hours (depending on the plan you select) from the time of submission.
If that sounds appealing to you, contact us and get going.
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