We believe there are five strategic roads to success:
Business Goals into Process Management
  • Analyze business operations
  • build business model
  • enhance presentation
  • automate key operations
Customer Acquisition
  • Create strong organization identity
  • project expertise
  • strong branding
  • use Animarca(SM) Marketing System
User-Customer Relations
  • Interact with Users
  • Multi-level Feedback
  • justify their loyalty
  • mailings, invitations, campaigns
  • using Animated Mascots
Web Management
  • Strong and innovative Web presence
  • Professional and cost-effective Web management
  • outsourcing Web support
  • database programming
  • regularly have technology upgrades
Enhancements and Innovations
  • Java, .NET, CORBA
  • Flash and video content
  • Onpage user interaction
  • Layers and embedded content
Web Management - Part I
Applications for your needs
  • E-Commerce
  • Internet/Intranet consulting and development.
  • Web Site development
  • Site Architecture design
  • Networking
  • Enterprise Systems Management
  • Systems Administration (UNIX, Windows NT et al)
  • Backup Strategies
Core system
Site look and content update
Announcements, banners
message boxes, private questions et al. Advertising management Website content management Content creation and editing
Access control
Per-user, per-page, per-section and per-transaction granularity Free-flow guest navigation Doors to controlled areas
Thread-type and time-sequential Discussion Forums
Forums by Category, cross-links, multi-group forums
Project Management
Selective communication
Attach resources to a Project
Collaborative environment
Time, expense, budget control
Address collection
mailing list management
Animated Mascot embedding
Tech support
Trouble Ticket management
Help desk
Per-item Help
Product-Service Catalog
Adding, updating, removing items
Price update, discounts, specials
Data import/export
Internet shopping
Shopping cart
Gateway to multiple payment systems
Automated downloading of packages purchased

A comprehensive e-commerce system provides all elements necessary to offer, support and complete a purchase transaction online.
 Not only it includes the transaction engine itself, the "shopping card" but also merchandasing elements to effectively present a product, demonstrate its desirable features and, albeit softly, to lead a visitor to initiating a purchase transaction.
  All those elements should be integrated seamlessly and in a aestetically unified manner to create in the visitor the critical mass of comfort and confidence.
 VFX Systems builds its e-commerce solutions on a range of tools, from consumer psychology methods to sophisticated back-end processing engines.
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