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We live in a period of ever increasing saturation of our ability to perceive and react to new messages or motivations. Go to your Marketing Partner, Animasha.com

We believe there are five strategic roads to success:
Business Goals into Process Management
  • Analyze business operations
  • build business model
  • enhance presentation
  • automate key operations
Customer Acquisition
  • Create strong organization identity
  • project expertise
  • strong branding
  • use Animarca(SM) Marketing System
User-Customer Relations
  • Interact with Users
  • Multi-level Feedback
  • justify their loyalty
  • mailings, invitations, campaigns
  • using Animated Mascots
Web Management
  • Strong and innovative Web presence
  • Professional and cost-effective Web management
  • outsourcing Web support
  • database programming
  • regularly have technology upgrades
Enhancements and Innovations
  • Java, .NET, CORBA
  • Flash and video content
  • Onpage user interaction
  • Layers and embedded content
Customer Acquisition Program Part I

FaceToFace Animated Mascot System is a new methodology of creating a distinct memorable identity for a business, product, service, organization.

It warms up the ever increasing coldness and ineffectiveness of today's sale pitch methods.

It also a creative tool to efectively and successfully communicate with your customers of today so that they won't becomre someone else's customers of tomorrow.

It is also a new and powerful approach to bridge the gap of existing alienation between the messages coming from the computer screen and their human audience.

The old methods of addressing your customer are less and less effective. Live Chat is good to give an answer to a question or try and resolve a situation but not to make enough contact and impression to retain a customer and turn out a new sale with him.

The impact of TV and music video has a result of retraining the audience to short 15-sec information pieces. It also deepened one single mode of learning - by ausio-video message and by association.


People need a constant emotional signal from somebody they can humanly relate to in order to grasp the target message.

That is exactly what FaceToFace Animated Mascot System is capable of doing.
1. Appealing
The movie stars, TV shows, sales methods have to be constantly changed to attract attention of the audience to new messages. For these conditions, Mousie and other characters of the kind present an excellent vehicle for message and notivation delivery - their first appearance is so memorable for a long period of time, and it has a strong element of pleasant surprise. And people tend to remember what impressed them, the first impact. And unlike human stars, Mousie is very modifiable, in her appearance, character, demanor and other attributes. And unlike geomtetrical objects of today's Flash presentations - it is very warm, persuasive, human.

2. Attract and sell.
It is because Mousie is computer technology-based that she is so naturally linked to all computer-based services. If you put out a TV tape, you are disconnected from any serious computer appication to perform the real task. Mousie, on the other hand is just one click away from ANY computer application.
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